What happened to the dope movie Soundtracks?

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I feel like the art of a well crafted soundtrack is dead.. 90s / early 00s soundtracks had hits & fire exclusive new material as well

Above the Rim OST
Murder Was the Case OST
Bad Boys 2 OST
Rush Hour
Blue Streak 

i know i’m missing plenty but why do you guys think that is ? Also feel free to mention some dope OST that come to mine 

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I agree on the Black Panther soundtrack being pretty cool!

Also, strictly as a guilty pleasure, the Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed soundtracks had some good songs on them. 
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Black Panther wasn't too bad.
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Maybe there's no budget or desire to make a well put together soundtrack these days. Forget that...when's the last time you've seen a music video for a soundtrack?
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Was it just me or did Jay dominate the soundtrack game back in the 90s-early 00s?

La-La-La (Bad Boys OST)
Girls Best Friend (Blue Streak)
Can I Get A...(Rush Hour)
Hey Papi (Nutty Professor II)
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For You I Will by Monica off the Space Jam soundtrack. Early childhood vibes 🥰🥰🥰.
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Soundtracks of yesteryear definitely compare to the crap they put out now. What was so special about them was that it was just such a nice culmination of different sounds and artists. These days it just seems so agenda driven.

Dope Soundtracks: Dr. Dolittle, both the Nutty Professor soundtracks (Both had incredible Timbaland bangas)