Claims Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson

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He ended up deleting the original post but doubled down in a new one here.

Edit: He deleted both. Just to think....Fif was one of the realest in the game comin out. Now he deletin posts left and right.

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No way.. How many classics does CB have again?? I'll wait.
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Chris Brown is not better than MJ nor he is the modern version of him. Why do people have to pick and choose whose better anyway? Enjoy their music for what it is and I leave it alone.
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Also brought up that bullshit Neverland doc to I see. I'll never understand with these artists. You certainly didn't have a problem with MJ when you featured on that track, Monster years ago. 40+ shittin on the man's grave.
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Does 50 really need to kiss CB's ass to this extent in order to get him on a record...? I thought they've done plenty of songs together.