No respect for Big Boi ? (Outkast)

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So a couple days ago a certain “tastemaker” (not gonna say her name because she doesn’t deserve any more press) suggested that the new ATL grouper Earthgang is like Outkast with 2 Andre’s ?? 

First off i think comparing the 2 groups is off base to begin with. They make 2 different types of music, respect each’s artistry. I’m sure they are definitely influenced but definitely not the same IMO. On top of that they have yet to accomplish even slightly what Outkast has, or have had a similar impact.

With that out the way.. Why does it seem that Big Boi is either forgotten or discredited when talking about the group?? To me Big Boi is equally as fire, if not BETTER than Dre 3k. Not to mention Big Boi at least has solo albums under his best and arguably a classic one at that (Sir Lucious Left Foot). Even in an interview with GQ Andre admitted as to always thinking Big was the elites out of the 2 and he was just trying to keep up.

Why do y’all think Big Boi always gets aforementioned in Outkast discussions ? What more does he have to prove?!

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First of all...fuck dat bitch. Just because they're from Atlanta and happen to be a two man group, people like her wanna make ignorant comparisons like that. As far as why Big Boi's forgotten...I guess because he's never been out there like Dre. His personal appearance in videos, his air of mystery, etc. Seems to draw attention.
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Man it baffles me how ignorant some of these media people are nowadays. No respect. 

Big Boi’s first album is a classic to me for sure and can challenge  any legend on the mic