You can now subscribe to boards!

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Hey everyone. Exciting news! You can now subscribe to boards! What does this mean? Anytime a post is created, you'll get a notification. This feature is completely customizable. If you prefer not to receive notifications on the website all you have to do is turn this setting off. Prefer to receive notifications via email? It's only a few clicks away. Feeling adventurous? Check both and you'll always be up to date with what's going on here. I encourage you all to give it a try and relay your feedback here or on the Bug Reports board if you encounter any difficulties. Thank you all for your patience and hope you enjoy this new feature. More great things to come! In the meantime, here are some directions to help you get started:

  1. Go to your favorite boards and click the subscribe button
  2. Site notifications are enabled by default but you're welcome to change this and also opt to receive email notifications by clicking the bell icon + menu
  3. All subscriptions can be managed in your user dropdown menu or by visiting your board subscriptions page

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Awesome. Should definitely help keeping track of boards.
Avatar of the user, SuperBuu
@TravisScott Workin on it. Expect more great stuff to come your way soon. As far as the board being more active...WE WILL GET THERE! I just checked and I think the site's a little over two weeks old so we just gotta give it time. Just keep spreadin the word and continue to post and I'm sure we'll see more people come and join the conversation. As always, appreciate the love and support.
Avatar of the user, TravisScott
Great feature! There are a few crucial things I wish this forum had (like being able to tag or "@" other users) but I really appreciate the progress! Wish this board was more active because I really like it a lot.