Music Recommendations #1

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Send in any and all music recommendations you have, whether it is songs or albums you think other people should here or should be given more love. A small note on why you like the music you recommend would also be helpful. Recommend any amount of music as you please.

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Monica's, After the Storm. I tend to like her music in bits and pieces but this album right here, I can listen to from beginning to end pretty much. My favorites in no order:

  • Get It Off
  • So Gone 🔥
  • Knock Knock 🔥
  • Break My Heart
  • I Wrote This Song 🔥
  • Hurts the Most
  • Too Hood
  • Down 4 Whatever
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I've recently revisited Bobby Brown's catalogue and gave the album Bobby a full listen. Highly underrated probably due to the massive success of Don't Be Cruel. I think the majority of the album is straight fire.
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I don't have anything recent per se but I'm really diggin the Lucy Pearl album. Raphael Saadiq handles the production and everything just seems to flow so beautifully off there. As far as songs to listen for:

  • Dance Tonight
  • Don't Mess with My Man
  • Everday
  • You
  • Without You
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Paten Locke - Ventilation

Love the production on this track, Paten Locke's flow is also so smooth and fluid.

Slum Village - Get Ya Paper

Elzhi does his thing on this, also like the production on this track although the quality is pretty bad.