New Kanye Sept. 27th?

Avatar of the user, kjackson
So apparently Kanye is dropping a new album titled “Jesus Is King” in a few weeks. Anyone looking forward to this? Personally i’m open to it with Kanye you never know what to expect, but his last project “Ye” didn’t do much for me. Hopefully he taps into that greatness we all know and love him for 🙌🏾

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Avatar of the user, venom
Please be good! Please be good! 🙏😩🙏
Avatar of the user, CEO
I need that MBDTF vibe on this one
Avatar of the user, YOURSTRULY
Knowing Kanye, this gets pushed back just as it did before !
Avatar of the user, SuperBuu
The irony is that his production for everyone else like Push, Nas, and Teyana has been decent while his has kinda been a little bizarre. All together it's a far cry from his past work.
Avatar of the user, xflawlessx
Haven't been a fan of his past two projects. Not expecting much from this...
Avatar of the user, 2ndiiNone
I just hope he’s got his head on straight! It’s no telling what direction he’s gonna go in musically, but from the looks of his Sunday Service videos he’s bringing that soul back!