Lonzo Ball disapproves of Nas.. AGAIN!

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I swear I don’t understand this new generation of Hip Hop fans SMFH! Not saying everybody has to like his music but show some respect to a LEGEND. He paved the way for all of these microwave artists to even have a voice! 

P.S. Maybe he should be working on his jumpshot instead of critiquing music. 40% from FT & FG ain’t gon cut it 🤣

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Avatar of the user, Omega
Idk, he was born the same year I was. I wouldn't DARE say anything so ridiculous 😂. It's almost hard to call the new gen fans of hip hop when hip hop is barely hip hop, if you get me.
Avatar of the user, kjackson
Everyone’s got different tastes so I can’t be mad about it.. No need to downplay the legend that is Nas tho Lonzo come on
Avatar of the user, Thugyeezy
He was born in 98’ it makes sense in a way but people saying future has classics is what’s baffling me because will we celebrate a future project like we do Illmatic or It was written?
Avatar of the user, YOURSTRULY
Obvious troll. Lavar better set his ass straight ! haha
Avatar of the user, sonic
First question. Why is he even on Big Boy...?
Avatar of the user, SuperBuu
That's the issue, there's no respect. I didn't see the video yet (probably won't) but heard he puts Future above Nas in some form of fashion. Can you be that stupid...?